Chairman’s Welcome

Dear Fresher,

Welcome to the Wilberforce Society!

When I came to Cambridge, I was interested in being a part of the stories I had heard; to look out for communities of interesting people who were creating things, had new ideas, and were collaborating based on their vast varied interests. I found that here in the Wilberforce Society.

The Wilberforce Society organizes current affairs discussion groups, socials, and policy paper research groups. Many of our members have successfully collaborated on far-reaching and impressive policy papers on a wide range of issues, from politics, economics, law, education, technology, etc. In 2012, a team of 26 helped to draft the Constitution for Tunisia. Many of our members have also had the most engaging discussions in Cambridge in our regularly organized ‘Ideas’ discussion groups.

Since its beginning, The Wilberforce Society’s aim has been to address the most pressing policy in a non-ideological perspective. We believe in the enormous potential that can be utilized within Cambridge through the Wilberforce Society.

We are proud of our non-partisan stance because it allows us to contribute to an atmosphere where issues are discussed an innovative, intellectually rigorous and most importantly, practical manner, drawing on the strengths of the many disciplines our members have deep knowledge in. This way of thinking has gathered us recognition from many influential policy makers and journalists, pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work we produce. The society was given a special commendation at the Prospect Think Tank of the Year awards, for example, and our work has been given favorable press in the Financial Times and other major news outlets.

Each policy paper presentation provides a rare opportunity to gain the input of an expert on a detailed policy and to have your own ideas presented to the general audience in Cambridge. Through our dedicated team of alumni mentors, we are interested in helping you find other like-minded students and leave a measurable impact on society.

With a larger, more diverse and broadly qualified Committee than ever before, TWS invites you to join its quest of defining and developing rigorous discourse on the most pressing issues of our time, here at Cambridge.

I sincerely hope that you will join us as a member during this year and be present for our exciting events. I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions and meet you in person to discuss what we do and how you might like to join us.

I look forward to seeing you soon。


Kind regards,

Chia Jeng Yang

Chairman, 2016 – 2017