Childhood Obesity in the UK

This paper proposes a series of population interventions to improve children’s diet with the aim to both directly reduce the incidence of childhood obesity and to encourage the development of healthy eating behaviours in children. Proposals are split into three population … Continued

TWS Annual Conference Policy Document 2012 – Introduction to Public Policy for Cyberspace

TWS’s first Annual Conference, held in January 2012 on the theme of ‘Public Policy for Cyberspace’, was accompanied by our introduction to the policy debates surrounding this area. The paper was written by our specially-formed subcommittee on cyberspace, chaired by Albert … Continued

Tackling Homelessness

Tackling Homelessness proposes a set of 13 policies to reduce the number of people becoming homeless and to make it easier for the homeless to be re-housed. Proposals cover increased provision of services to the homeless, including an expansion of … Continued

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