The Wilberforce Society | Board of Trustees
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Board of Trustees



As a registered Charity, TWS is overseen by a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees comprises former committee members, many of whom have gone on to work in public policy and think tanks. The Trustees ensure that the society’s finances are in order and play an instrumental role in shaping the direction of the society through regular Trustee meetings with the committee of the day. The Trustees also vet policy papers before they are published, ensuring that the work TWS produces continues to be of the highest quality.


The voluntary and active service of the Trustees, long after they have completed their tenures as committee members, constitutes a key reason as to why TWS is unique among Cambridge societies.




Alison Andrew

Anna Stansbury

Ben Watts
George Bangham
John Kwan
Michael Campbell
Nicholas Crawford (Chair)
Rose Beale
Laura Grunberg
Chia Jeng Yang