2015–2016 Committee

Chairman –  Laura Grunberg


Laura is a German/Swiss/Chinese, in her second year reading Human, Social and Political Sciences and is persuaded that nothing is more important than giving students the opportunity to find real solutions instead of just criticizing. She has a passion for Asia and a particular interest in Marketing and Communications, hoping to pursue a career in this field later.

Aside from keeping up with unending reading lists and TWSing, Laura can be found practicing her mandarin, booking too many plane tickets (usually to China) and trying not to step on anyone’s feet during salsa.

Director for Policy – Chia Jeng Yang


Jeng Yang is a first year law student from Singapore at Homerton College.  He is passionate about helping students have a voice and making a name for themselves. He has published with TWS and The Concord Review previously. He has a particular interest in constitutional law.

Outside of TWS, Jeng Yang can be found trekking to the top of mountains, engaged with philosophy and learning how to love puppies.

Deputy Director for Policy – Lukas Fuchs


Lukas is a 2nd year Philosophy student at Peterhouse. Coming from Austria, he is interested in international relations, particularly in the EU and its potential role in the world. His experience includes being involved with Amnesty International, which sparked his passion for human rights, and working for ‘Bite the Ballot’, a London-based organisation that tries to increase youth engagement in politics. Lukas aims at introducing some of the rigour and clarity of Philosophy into the social sciences.

Deputy Director for Policy – Jason Wong


Jason is a first year student reading Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Emmanuel College. Born and bred in Hong Kong, he initially developed his interest in politics through the burgeoning grassroots democracy movements there. He has co-written with TWS previously, and was also heavily involved in debating and MUN during much of his student life.

In his free time, Jason writes, daydreams, and pretends that he can play the piano. He also enjoys hiking, taking pictures and travelling whenever he can!


Director for Conference – Tom Bevan


Director for Conference – Sophie Ashford


Sophie is in her second year studying History at Jesus College. Having lived and studied in Beijing and Shanghai, she is interested particularly in the political and economic development of China. She was invited to attend the Dicey Conference in 2012 which has shaped an interest in the influence that technology and the media have on politics.

Outside of TWS, Sophie is captain of the University Mixed Lacrosse team, enjoys travelling in Asia and Europe and keeping busy.

Director for Online Media – Brendan Tan


Brendan is a Singaporean in his first year reading Geography. He has an interest in international politics and current affairs, and wishes to enter the civil service in his home country to make it hopefully a better place to live in.

Outside of TWS, Brendan is also part of the committee of Cambridge University Southeast Asian Forum. He enjoys reading, sports such as Frisbee and badminton and frequents the pool table in his college’s game room.

Director for Online Media – Georgi Rusinov


Georgi is a second-year Land Economist at Girton College. He is interested in development geography, economic history and the future of capitalism. He has worked on websites about global protest movements in Berkeley, California and has written for Varsity and The Cambridge Globalist. Aside from his degree, Georgi enjoys gliding, playing five-a-side and discussing Nietzsche’s books.

Director for Publicity – Tamsin Ireland



Treasurer & Secretary – Shilpita Mathews


Shilpita is a second year Land Economist at Gonville & Caius College. Having lived in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Jordan and the UK, diverse perspectives have shaped her outlook. She is interested in international development policy and has conducted research like investigating the impact of land grabbing on women’s livelihoods in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Having worked in a student-run development bank, she is shaping the direction of TWS as a non-profit institution.

Aside from TWS, Shilpita is an avid writer as the Economics Editor at the Cambridge Globalist, and is Deputy Consulting Director & Co-Founder at 180 Degrees Consulting, Cambridge, providing consultancy services to NGOs and social enterprises. Working as the Green Officer at her college she is passionate about green initiatives. In her free time she loves travelling and watching Bollywood movies.

Director for Ideas – Louise Ellis


Louise is in her first year studying History at Gonville and Caius. She is particularly interested in the interactions between politics, economics and history, and is the co-author of a paper examining the potential for social impact bonds in the Youth Justice System.

Outside of TWS, Louise is the Politics Editor of The Cambridge Globalist, is on the committee of the upcoming Oxbridge Finance Conference, and helping to organise an expedition to Peru.

Ideas Curator – Nora Kalinskij


Coming to us from Paris, originally from Eastern Europe, Nora studies Politics at St John’s. She is particularly interested in the philosophy of power and in relations between Russia and the West.

Besides TWS, Nora is actively involved in competitive debating representing the University of Cambridge. She also loves dancing and star-gazing.

External Affairs Officer – Clemens Oellinger

Clemens is an Indian/Austrian studying Philosophy for the second year now. He has mainly been involved in Policy as a commentator for newspapers in the Germanspeaking world. He has a particular interest in Economics/monetary policy, on which he contributed to an award-winning book. Before coming to Cambridge, Clemens cofounded TEDxDonauinsel and was involved in the Austrian Youth Parliament.

Besides all that, Clemens enjoys music (former member of the Vienna Boys Choir…), travelling and Fitzbillies.

External Affairs Officer – Jonny Dodd


Director for Guests – Tom Daniels



2014-2015 Committee

President – Jenny Steinitz

Director for Policy – Laura Grunberg

Director for International Affairs – Helena Roy

Director for Ideas – Isabella Yamamoto

Ideas Curator – Jayson Probin

Treasurer – Jeffrey Xiao

Director for Guests – Ella Mi

Director for Press – Max Twivy

Director for External Affair – Philip Mead

Director for Conference– Ezra Cohen

Deputy Director for Conference – Benjamin Mak

Director for Publicity – Jacob Lypp

Secratary – Lara Spencer

Director for Brand – Suvi Joensuu

Director for Publishing – Peter Charles

2012–2013 Committee

Chairman – George Bangham

Director for Policy – Alison Andrew

Director for External Affairs – Anna Stansbury

Director for Ideas – Rose Beale

Director for Press – Millad Matin

Director for Publicity – Richard Stockwell

Director for Publishing – David Baynard

Director for Guests – Michael Campbell

Director for Connect – Nick Crawford

Secretary – Johnny Zemlick

Treasurer – Albert Beardow