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2017-2018 Committee


Executive Chair – Hattie Stacey
Having spent the past six years working in fundraising and development for various specialist health-care charities Hattie is now studying on the Law Tripos at Hughes Hall. She is incredibly excited to lead The Wilberforce Society in its first year as a registered charity and to ensure that the Society continues to produce the highest quality policy research, pro bono to MP’s, charities and policy makers.
Outside of TWS you will find her perpetually clutching a mug of over-brewed tea, singing acapella or occasionally talking logistics on the Hucy May Ball Committee. After life at Cambridge she is keen to pursue a career at the Bar, focusing on Human Rights and Administrative law.


Vice-Chair – Jun Pang
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jun is a second year HSPS student at St. John’s College, specializing in Politics and Sociology. She is interested in intersectional approaches to advocacy and public policy, particularly within the areas of human rights and democratic development. In the past, she has worked with local NGOs to provide learning support to refugees, research political prisoners in Mainland China, and promote gender equality in education and politics. In Cambridge, she is an Editor for Notes Magazine, and is active in FLY (BME Women’s Network) and WomCam.Having been a part of TWS for the last two years, Jun has served as a Deputy Director of Policy, an Editor, and a Writer, working on projects such as the Brexit Commission and the End Rape on Campus Commission on sexual assault/harassment policies in Cambridge. She will be working closely with Policy in her role as Co Vice-Chair.


Vice-Chair – Vidya Ramesh
Vidya is in her second year reading History at Gonville & Caius College. She is particularly interested in gender equality and women’s empowerment through international development schemes.
Last academic year as Director for Ideas at the Wilberforce Society, Vidya also cultivated an interest in Food Security and technological content fidelity, having mentored curated discussion groups on these topics. As Vice Chairman for this year, Vidya plans on supporting the Chairman by reinforcing communication between the Committee and TWS membership, and expanding the scope of training and development further, within Ideas and beyond.
Vidya joined TWS as a Fresher because she wanted to take part in an activity where she could simultaneously learn about and institute policy change. She got her first taste of this co-writing a policy paper on Sexual Harassment Policies in British institutions of Higher Education.
In her spare time, Vidya enjoys competing with the University of Cambridge Powerlifting Club, working as Campaign Manager on the Woman’s Campaign committee, and bouldering on the rock climbing wall at Kelsey Kerridge!


Director for Policy – Michelle Wong
Michelle is a first year Law student from Hong Kong at Newnham College. She is passionate about human rights and social justice advocacy, and is particularly drawn to an intersectional approach to feminism. She also has a keen interest in exploring public policy and how it can work together with legislation to provide practical solutions to issues. She is excited to work alongside the rest of the team to produce research and policies that aim to make an impact both locally and globally.
Prior to coming to Cambridge, Michelle was the Legal Education Secretary of Law Association, HKUSU, and a volunteer at various NGOs. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, watching shows, cooking, traveling and taking photos.


Deputy Director for Policy – Justin Yang
Justin is a second year PhD student (Public Health & Primary Care) at Wolfson College. He is broadly interested in social and economic policy with a specific focus on health and social services. Prior to his doctoral studies, Justin worked as a strategy consultant at Avalere Health (Washington, DC) in the Reimbursement and Market Access practice.
Outside of TWS, Justin is involved in a variety of leadership roles with the Wolfson College Students’ Association, Wolfson College Boat Club, and the Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange. He has also represented Wolfson College in the 2016-17 series of University Challenge.


Deputy Director for Policy – Mark O’Brien
Mark is a second-year studying Philosophy at Caius, and originally hails from Northern Ireland. He was initially drawn to TWS due to a dissatisfaction with media reporting and pub conversations on contemporary politics, coupled with a desire to get better educated on political issues. Having co-written two policy papers with TWS last year, he is eager to make the writing process more accessible to students, and also ensure papers remain both of a high quality and of relevance to real world problems. He personally has interests in global health, education and short-termism in political decision making, as well as in political theory generally. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to blues and reggae music, visiting London and exploring Ireland by car. In the future, he intends to pursue a career in policy, and would particularly like to work on problems at the intersection of ethics, policy and political philosophy.


Deputy Director for Policy – James Burn


Director for Conference – Yen Jean Wee
Yen Jean is a second-year law student from Singapore, with a particular interest in social policy, the interaction between politics and the protection of human rights, and the shaping of cultural identity. She was previously involved with TWS as an Editor, and worked on policy papers on gender discrimination in the workplace and the impact of Brexit on human rights in the UK. In her second year, she also helped to organise the TEDxCambridgeUniversity Conference 2017. As the Director for Conference for 2017/18, she hopes to make this year’s TWS Conference an even more engaging and enriching experience for all involved, and strongly believes that the combination of empathy and constructive dialogue has the potential to redefine our socio-political landscape. In her free time, she can be found enthusing about her newly acquired coffee press and making the same five varieties of cheesy pasta.




2016-2017 Committee

Chairman – Chia Jeng Yang
Vice-Chairman – Clemens Öllinger-Guptara
Director for Policy – Umang Khandelwal
Deputy Director for Policy – Alicia Loh
Deputy Director for Policy – Jun Pang
Director for Conference – Connor MacDonald
Deputy Director for Conference – Gordon Hao
Director for Online Media – Andrew Tan
Director of Publishing – Ana Letícia Blasi Magini
Director for Publicity – Pranjal Bajaj
Deputy Director for Publicity – James Burn
Director for Ideas – Vidya Ramesh
Deputy Director for Ideas – Nora Kalinskij
Sponsorship – Edward Chan
Secretary – Monica Wong
External Affairs Officer – Nikhil Dwivedi
 Socials Officer – Jeremy Ng 
Socials Officer – Lucia Keijer-Palau


2015-2016 Committee

Chairman –  Laura Grunberg

Director for Policy – Chia Jeng Yang

Deputy Director for Policy – Lukas Fuchs

Deputy Director for Policy – Jason Wong

Director for Conference – Tom Bevan

Director for Conference – Sophie Ashford

Director for Online Media – Brendan Tan

Director for Online Media – Georgi Rusinov

Director for Publicity – Tamsin Ireland

Treasurer & Secretary – Shilpita Mathews

Director for Ideas – Louise Ellis

Ideas Curator – Nora Kalinskij

External Affairs Officer – Clemens Oellinger

External Affairs Officer – Jonny Dodd

Director for Guests – Tom Daniels


2014-2015 Committee

President – Jenny Steinitz

Director for Policy – Laura Grunberg

Director for International Affairs – Helena Roy

Director for Ideas – Isabella Yamamoto

Ideas Curator – Jayson Probin

Treasurer – Jeffrey Xiao

Director for Guests – Ella Mi

Director for Press – Max Twivy

Director for External Affair – Philip Mead

Director for Conference– Ezra Cohen

Deputy Director for Conference – Benjamin Mak

Director for Publicity – Jacob Lypp

Secratary – Lara Spencer

Director for Brand – Suvi Joensuu

Director for Publishing – Peter Charles

2012–2013 Committee

Chairman – George Bangham

Director for Policy – Alison Andrew

Director for External Affairs – Anna Stansbury

Director for Ideas – Rose Beale

Director for Press – Millad Matin

Director for Publicity – Richard Stockwell

Director for Publishing – David Baynard

Director for Guests – Michael Campbell

Director for Connect – Nick Crawford

Secretary – Johnny Zemlick

Treasurer – Albert Beardow