2016-2017 Committee



Chia Jeng YangChairman – Chia Jeng Yang


Jeng Yang is a third year law student from Singapore at Homerton College. He is passionate about helping students have a voice and making a name for themselves. He has published with TWS and The Concord Review previously. He has a particular interest in constitutional law.

Outside of TWS, Jeng Yang can be found trekking to the top of mountains, engaged with philosophy and learning how to love puppies.

Vice-Chairman – Clemens Öllinger-GuptaraClemens

Clemens is a half-Indian, half-Austrian in the final year of the Philosophy Tripos. As Vicechair of TWS 2016/17, his major focus is the strategic development and intellectual positioning of the Society.

So far, he has mainly been involved in Policy as a commentator for newspapers in the German-speaking world. He has a particular interest in the intersection of Technology and Ethics / Technology and Society. Furthermore, he has an interest in Economics/monetary policy, on which he contributed to an award-winning book. Before coming to Cambridge, Clemens cofounded TEDxDonauinsel and was involved in the Austrian Youth Parliament.

Director for Policy – Umang KhandelwalUmang


Umang reads law at Newnham College. Before coming to Cambridge, she studied International Relations at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She has worked as a legislative assistant in the House of Lords previously and has attended international conferences at the IMF, World Bank, WTO and the Council of Europe as a youth delegate. She is an elected member of University Council, the highest policy making body at the University of Cambridge and a board member at the Faculty of Law. Her areas of interest are public international law, global governance and youth diplomacy.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, travelling and taking photos of sunsets.

Deputy Director for Policy – Alicia Loh

deputypolicy@wilberforcesociety.co.uk Alicia Loh

Alicia is a third-year Law undergraduate in Peterhouse with an unusual educational background, having been homeschooled with an American syllabus. She has a keen interest in public policy and research, and is also the Editor of Per Incuriam, the magazine by the Cambridge University Law Society. She has worked on a policy paper on facilitating technology startups, and is currently working on a paper looking into UK immigration policies.

She will show pictures of her dog to anyone who demonstrates the faintest interest, and despite a small stomach, has a great appetite for wonderful food.

Deputy Director for Policy – Edward AshcroftEdward Ashcroft


Ed is a second year History student at Jesus. He has a keen interest in international relations, in particular issues of conflict resolution in the Middle East and South America. He has been involved in writing with TWS before, and is particularly interested in driving debate towards practical solutions.

Outside of TWS, he enjoys travel writing and is a passionate Liverpool FC fan (although it is not always easy). Coming from New Zealand, he is also keen on Rugby Union.

Director for Conference – Connor MacDonald


Deputy Director for Conference – Gordon HaoGordon Hao


Gordon is in his first year studying HSPS at Gonville and Caius College. Although his interests are broad, he is particularly drawn to domestic British politics, China and international organisations (especially the EU – an organisation he wrote an award-winning dissertation about). Having organised one of the UK’s largest Model UN conferences, he looks forward to making this year’s TWS conference better than ever.

Outside of TWS, Gordon was elected to be the Gonville and Caius Students’ Union’s Publicity Officer for 2016/17, and was a cadet with the Royal Navy for four years. He is also a keen skier and Caius’ captain for competitive debating. And he loves the Van of Life. 

Director for Online Media – Andrew Tan


Andrew, having studied Economics for two years, has now switched to the Philosophy Tripos at St. John’s College. He is interested in artificial intelligence, economic policy and Chinese politics amongst many other topics.

Outside of TWS, Andrew dabbles in the theatre scene in Cambridge and is producing one of the first Chinese ADC Mainshows in Cambridge in Michaelmas. He is the ex-Vice President of the Chinese Cultural Society and ex-Head of Technology for the Marshall Society. In his spare time, he enjoys playing squash, cooking, mixing cocktails, and watching movies (although not all at the same time!).

Director of Publishing – Brendan TanBrendan Tan

Brendan is a Singaporean in his second year reading Geography. He has an interest in international politics and current affairs, and wishes to enter the civil service in his home country to make it hopefully a better place to live in.

Outside of TWS, Brendan is also Vice President of the Cambridge University Southeast Asian Forum and part of the committee for the Cambridge University Wildlife Conservation Society. He enjoys reading, sports such as badminton, and frequents the pool table in his college’s game room. He is an avid traveller as well.

Director for Publicity – Pranjal Bajaj


Pranjal is a third year Land Economist at Homerton and comes from New Delhi. He joined TWS because he was really interested in the role and impact of policy and wanted to learn how we as students can actively contribute to it. Joining TWS meant that he could gain multifaceted perspectives on global and regional issues by attending Ideas and Policy Paper events and also get the opportunity to author his own policy papers. Pranjal is currently writing a policy paper about the Start-up Ecosystem in India as he is highly interested in the role that innovation plays in an economy’s growth, especially in developing economies.

Outside TWS, he plays for the University Golf Team and performs at the theatre and in cultural shows. He also loves to discuss politics and religion and is keen to learn about new perspectives on these issues. Ultimately, using the expertise he will attain from studying Land Economy and his interest in Policy, Pranjal sees himself working in international development or law.

Director for Ideas – Vidya RameshVidya


Vidya is in her first year reading History at Gonville & Caius College. She is particularly interested in gender equality and women’s empowerment through international development schemes. Closer to home, she has been co-writing a policy paper on Sexual Harassment Policies in British institutions of Higher Education, as part of TWS’s Policy Unit. She has also cultivated her passion for political journalism through the Orwell Youth Prize.

Aside from TWS, Vidya is a regular columnist for Varsity, and is a member of the Speaker Series Committee for the International Criminal Court Student Network at Cambridge. She is also embarking on an intensive ab initio language course in Russian. In her spare time, Vidya enjoys training with the Cambridge University Powerlifting Club and listening to jazz music.

Deputy Director for Ideas – Clara VonClara Von


Clara is half German and half Belgian but grew up in Rome for most of her life and therefore feels that her roots are engrained at an international level. She is particularly drawn to Human Rights and International Law and believes in the influence that inter-governmental negotiations can have on tackling important human rights issues. Therefore, she is looking forward to all the TWS discussion groups and policy-papers this year since it is only by opening oneself up to new perspectives that one can truly grow as a person and as a nation.

You will probably find her constantly involved in projects aiding refugees and fighting against sex-trafficking and helping to empower young women across the globe. Unless she’s backpacking through some foreign country of course!

Sponsorship – Edward Chan Edward Chan

Edward is a second year student reading land economy at Homerton College. He has an interest in public finance and economic policy. He is passionate about pushing TWS further so that more people can hear our voice.



Ideas Curator – Nora KalinskijNora


Nora studies Politics and International Relations at John’s. This is her second year leading ideas events at TWS. An eastern European having grown up in Paris, Nora is interested in a wide range of international political issues. Some of her favourite discussion topics are US and Russian foreign policy and the role of big business in contemporary politics.

Besides being active in TWS, Nora has founded an inter-cultural society at John’s, and is extremely fond of dancing and learning languages.

Ideas Curator – Sumita ChakrabortySumita


Sumita comes from India and she is a research associate at Pharmacology. She is investigating intracellular signalling paradigms in neuronal cells with an extended interest in obsessions and compulsive disorders.

She advocates cross talk between science and politics. She is particularly interested in policies that involve and influence innovations, education, protection of natural resources, climate change and clinical trials. She is an ambassador for STEMNET, UK and participates in science outreach and debates. She draws energy from hillwalking, dancing, photography, writing and singing. Sumita’s favourite project at the moment is a clean energy and education outreach program in the Himalayas.

Secretary – Monica WongMonica Wong

Monica is a second year Land Economist from Hong Kong at Gonville & Caius College. Born in Australia, raised in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, she has developed a global perspective. She is particularly interested in real estate economics, economic development in developing countries and sustainable development. She is also on the committee of the SSG – a CULS forum for current students and young graduates interested in the real estate industry.

Monica loves sports, in particular long-distance running, mountaineering and skiing. She is also a Hispanic culture enthusiast and an avid traveller.

External Affairs Officer – Faith YeungFaith Yeung

Faith is a first year lawyer at Trinity Hall and her first contact with policy came from her active involvement in debating and public speaking in Hong Kong. She travelled to a debating and public speaking competition in Lithuania, as a member of the Hong Kong team, where she was intellectually challenged on policy and economic issues by debaters from all over the world. Faith is particularly interested in development economics and sociology and wrote a research paper for an international writing competition on the implications of bribery and its diverging role in different cultures around the world.

Outside of TWS, Faith enjoys watching musicals, especially those that leave her humming their theme songs, and reading Bill Bryson’s travel books.

External Affairs Officer – Nikhil Dwivedi

External Affairs Officer – Ned KenwrightNed

Ned is a first year Human, Social and Political Science student at Trinity Hall. He will be running External for TWS, focusing on alumni relations. He has a particular interest in technology and the current European migrant crisis.

Outside of The Wilberforce Society, Ned enjoys skiing and travelling in the Middle East.

Socials Officer – Jeremy Ng 

Socials Officer – Lucia Keijer-PalauLucia

Lucía is a first year reading history at Emmanuel. This year she has been involved in TWS’s policy paper in collaboration with OxPolicy on Oxbridge accessibility, with a particular focus on gender. Alongside issues of gender equality she has a particular interest in immigration policy issues and, being half Ecuadorean, the politics of the ‘marea rosa’ in contemporary Latin America.



2015-2016 Committee

Chairman –  Laura Grunberg

Director for Policy – Chia Jeng Yang

Deputy Director for Policy – Lukas Fuchs

Deputy Director for Policy – Jason Wong

Director for Conference – Tom Bevan

Director for Conference – Sophie Ashford

Director for Online Media – Brendan Tan

Director for Online Media – Georgi Rusinov

Director for Publicity – Tamsin Ireland

Treasurer & Secretary – Shilpita Mathews

Director for Ideas – Louise Ellis

Ideas Curator – Nora Kalinskij

External Affairs Officer – Clemens Oellinger

External Affairs Officer – Jonny Dodd

Director for Guests – Tom Daniels


2014-2015 Committee

President – Jenny Steinitz

Director for Policy – Laura Grunberg

Director for International Affairs – Helena Roy

Director for Ideas – Isabella Yamamoto

Ideas Curator – Jayson Probin

Treasurer – Jeffrey Xiao

Director for Guests – Ella Mi

Director for Press – Max Twivy

Director for External Affair – Philip Mead

Director for Conference– Ezra Cohen

Deputy Director for Conference – Benjamin Mak

Director for Publicity – Jacob Lypp

Secratary – Lara Spencer

Director for Brand – Suvi Joensuu

Director for Publishing – Peter Charles

2012–2013 Committee

Chairman – George Bangham

Director for Policy – Alison Andrew

Director for External Affairs – Anna Stansbury

Director for Ideas – Rose Beale

Director for Press – Millad Matin

Director for Publicity – Richard Stockwell

Director for Publishing – David Baynard

Director for Guests – Michael Campbell

Director for Connect – Nick Crawford

Secretary – Johnny Zemlick

Treasurer – Albert Beardow