2013–2014 Committee

Michael Campbell – Chairman


Michael is a second year philosophy student at Gonville & Caius College. He has co-written papers on topics as varied as the British government’s use of torture and interrogation,  local government in London and, most recently, politicians’ understanding and use of science. Before becoming Chairman, Michael was The Wilberforce Society’s Director for Guests. In addition to his work with the society, he is Vice-President of the Cambridge chapter of 80,000 Hours and a member of Giving What We Can.

In his spare time he enjoys writing plays, dreaming about buying a ranch in Arkansas and listening to Bob Dylan.

Richard Stockell – Director for Policy


Richard is in his third year at Pembroke studying Linguistics.  This is his second position on the committee after serving as Director for Publicity last year.  He was a member of the London riots sub-committee, and has written a policy paper entitled Engaging Young People in UK Politics.

Outside TWS, Richard is a former President of the Pembroke Junior Parlour Committee and Theatre Editor for Varsity.  He is also a keen cricketer and badminton player for his college.

Gabriel Lambert – Deputy Director for Policy


Gabriel is a first year graduate Medic at Wolfson. Before joining Cambridge he did a History degree in Oxford and worked for the Education Partnerships Africa for four years. He has spent three summers in Kenya, performing a variety of roles with EPA and conducting research in Nairobi on witchcraft in the Western Highlands. He has a particular interest in policy relating to health and international development.

When he’s not memorising new anatomical terms or reading Prospect he subjects himself to the appropriately-named ‘Ultimate Workout Society’, enjoys running, and occasionally squeezes in a good novel.

Eliane Bejjani – Director for International Affairs


Eliane is in her second year at Emmanuel studying PPS. Her Lebanese-American background has sparked an avid interest in international politics and the Middle East, and has contributed to her previous projects like TWS’s report for the Tunisian National Constitutional Assembly. She has past experience in communication and current events ranging from Emmanuel College Student Union to US-based non-profit PoverUP, and is excited to bring this to bear in her new role at TWS.

Eliane often wonders what exactly she is doing in any given place; however she manages to pursue her passion for adventure, discovery, and, more concretely, fiction and football, from her various corners of the world.

Suvi Joensuu – Director for Ideas


Suvi is a first year Politics and International Relations student (PPS Tripos) at Newnham College. She is a dual citizen of Finland and the USA, having grown up in the United States but moved to Finland during her teenage years. Her foremost international political interest is that of the tragedy of the global commons and the issue of international sustainability, and her favoured domestic political interest includes the differing welfare and social institutions within nations.

In addition to her work with the society, she is the first year PPS Tripos Student Academic Representative, enjoys quality research and journalism, and takes great pleasure in switching between the Finnish and English languages.

Matthew Willetts – Ideas Curator


Nick Wright – Ideas Curator


Robert Wilson – Treasurer


Robert is a second year at Clare College who is currently between the Theology and Philosophy triposes. A dual-citizen of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, he has had a long-term interest in political philosophy, ethics and governance. Before taking over as Treasurer of Wilberforce, Robert was the Secretary of the Cambridge Union Society and Academic Officer of Clare’s JCR Committee. Robert is particularly interested in issues relating to constitutional politics, finance and international governance.

When not relentlessly pursuing sponsorship opportunities or furiously trying to catch up on reading, Robert enjoys jazz, quality journalism and conversations which extend into the wee hours.

Greg Burke – Director for Guests


Jenny Steinitz – Director for Press


Joseph Ataman – Director for External Affairs


Joseph is a second-year Geographer at St John’s College. This is his first year on the committee and he has a particular interest in British foreign relations and the future of her armed forces.

Half-Turkish, Joseph enjoys exploring the more remote corners of the world on his own and he intends to pursue a career as a foreign correspondent. In what little spare time he has left, he is a member of the St John’s College choir and edits the Comment Section of Varsity.

Ravi Prasad – Director for Conferences


Ravi is a first year Economist at St John’s College. His interests include development economics, macroeconomic forecasting and the European Union. Ravi has had work on the future of the euro published by the Royal Economic Society, and more recently was editor for TWS’ 2013 conference paper ‘What is the 21st Century University for?’

Outside TWS, Ravi is External Affairs Officer for the Marshall Society. His sporting interests include cricket, badminton and squash.

Emily Wymer – Deputy Director for Conferences


Emily is a third year Geographer at Trinity Hall. Her interests include international relations and development, particularly in relation to the changing role of emerging economies. She is currently writing a paper for the Society on the topic of the UK’s foreign aid policy.

Outside of her studies, Emily sits on the committee for the Geography society, and dabbles in debating and writing for The Cambridge Student. More widely, she enjoys following worldwide politics, learning Spanish and Mandarin, and fulfilling her aspirations to travel to every possible corner of the globe.

Adele Broccardo – Director for Publicity


Chris Watkins – Secretary


Chris is a second year politics student at St. John’s, although his interests extend to social anthropology, economics and sociology. He contributed a section to the paper “What is the 21st Century University For?”, which was presented at last year’s education conference and is now focusing on the topics of public health and the penal system. As Secretary he will concentrate on expanding TWS student membership and developing an alumni network to involve students who have left the University.

In his spare time Chris enjoys football, photography, playing the guitar and trombone, and avidly following the drama of American politics.

Felix Nugee – Director for Brand


Felix is a second year economist at Pembroke College. An enthusiastic new member of the TWS committee, he hopes his role will allow him to combine his love of politics and international development with his crippling Twitter addiction.

His wider interests include chess and info-graphics.

Peter Charles – Director for Publishing


Peter is a second year geographer at Emmanuel, and a new face in the society. He takes great interest in current economic policy and foreign affairs, and will be doing a dissertation on the role of ‘anchor institutions’ in the UK.

Peter is also president of a successful student society, and always enjoys a cup of tea.

Jonathon Hazell – Director for Online Media


Jonathon is a first year economist at Pembroke. He has written a paper for TWS on social responsibility in the alcohol industry. His policy interests mainly focus on economics, particularly monetary and financial macroeconomics, and the economic effects of immigration. As Director for Online Media, he helps to maintain the website and is the editor for the TWS blog – email him for submissions, comments and questions.

In his free time, he plays football and blues guitar, tries to keep up his Spanish, and spends far too much time on economics blogs.

2012–2013 Committee

Chairman – George Bangham

Director for Policy – Alison Andrew

Director for External Affairs – Anna Stansbury

Director for Ideas – Rose Beale

Director for Press – Millad Matin

Director for Publicity – Richard Stockwell

Director for Publishing – David Baynard

Director for Guests – Michael Campbell

Director for Connect – Nick Crawford

Secretary – Johnny Zemlick

Treasurer – Albert Beardow