The Wilberforce Society | TWS Conference 2018
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TWS Conference 2018

Ticket prices:
– £12 for TWS members
– £15 for non-members
Join us at our Annual Conference 2018: ‘Brave New World: Reimagined’
The world has undergone significant and often unprecedented changes, and new challenges and opportunities are constantly being unearthed. Through four panels, we hope to explore what this new world might look like, the issues that it will face, and how we should think about legislating and policymaking for the future.
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Sir Malcolm Rifkind
THE WHITE HEAT OF TECHNOLOGY will explore the impact of recent technological innovations, from artificial intelligence to driverless cars and other forms of disruptive technology, and how we can respond or adapt to these fast-paced changes.
Confirmed speakers: Professor Sir Mark Walport, Rodolfo Rosini, Professor John Naughton
THE SOCIAL NETWORK will reflect on how we interact with one another in the online sphere, and the effect of phenomena like echo chambers and ‘fake news’ on societal discourse
Confirmed speakers: Mr Jamie Bartlett, Dr Aaron Balick, Dr Sander van der Linden
LIBERTY IN THE INSECURITY AGE will consider the difficult balance that must be struck between security and liberty in an age where threats to our collective safety are ever more pressing and prevalent; the ethics and efficacy of state surveillance; and, ultimately, how our civil liberties can best be protected
Confirmed speakers: Mr Nigel Inkster, Ms Silkie Carlo, Dr Tamara Makarenko, Professor Andrew Murray
BRIDGING DIVIDES will look at the divisions that have emerged (or resurfaced) in society along various lines, explore the reasons behind them, and consider the possible ways in which these might come to be healed.
Confirmed speakers: Dr Anne Marthe van der Bles
Join some of the best minds in the field, big names and students from across Cambridge as we tackle the world’s most pressing questions!
Tickets and other confirmed speakers will be released soon – watch this space!