The Wilberforce Society | About
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The Wilberforce Society think-tank is in a unique position for its neutrality and membership, drawn from one of the world’s top universities. This membership not only provides highly intelligent input into all we do, but ensures that those involved in writing proposals are rarely restricted by dogmatic thinking, offering instead a freshness and originality of thought. It is this that defines our essential advantage.

Our work is carried out in two forms, led by our dedicated committee. Our first type of work is on commissions, in the past from MPs and Lords. For such assignments, committees are formed which work corporately over a period of weeks or months to produce substantial pieces of work.

Our second type of work is the production of proposals by individuals and small groups. These proposals are then discussed at open meetings to which a guest expert is invited. The guest helps establish the background of the policy area and assists us in assessing the proposals presented. Examples of this form of work are available on this website.

Aside from policy research, we function at the centre of Cambridge students’ political life, as the focal point for mutual dialogue between students and frontline policymakers. TWS Ideas provides a relaxed setting for informal debates on broad questions of public policy, and the TWS Forum is the networking seminar for the leaders of student political societies.

We have established strong links with YouGov, the research company acclaimed as the UK’s most accurate opinion pollster. This association provides us with formidable access to data to aid us in the production of our proposals.