The Wilberforce Society | Commissions
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Like any other think-tank or research body, The Wilberforce Society offers both the public and private sectors the opportunity to commission research, reports or proposals on any specific area of public policy. It is an ideal service for backbench or opposition MPs and Lords, as well as campaign groups and lobbying bodies, looking for high quality work on particular topics of interest but perhaps without the financial resource to commission a for-profit think tank.


Typically a TWS commission will last several months, with a dedicated committee of society members working to produce a report, or a set of proposals. Our partnership with YouGov® gives us access original polling from the firm’s 350,000 member panel to support and quantify our research. The service we offer is high-quality, innovative, and represents excellent value.


Previous commissions such as our Brexit Report, commissioned by an MP and an MEP from different parties, demonstrate our truly non-partisan nature and ability to tackle vast and current issues and in fact this piece was ultimately presented at the European Parliament in Brussels. Other examples include a report on improving access to university for Stephen Barclay MP, and written contributions to The Big Society Guide for Lord Wei.


While TWS is perhaps unique in offering such services for free, donations are always welcome to ensure both the continued smooth-running of the Society and that this service continues to exist.


If you would like to commission TWS to work on a particular area of policy please email Nicholas Lui at We are happy to arrange meetings in Cambridge or London to discuss any suitable proposal.