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TWS Partners

In April 2012, TWS formed a partnership with Demos, one of the UK’s leading progressive think tanks, with the aim of exchanging ideas, research and papers between the two organisations. Demos is a think-tank focused on power and politics. Their unique approach challenges the traditional, ‘ivory tower’ model of policymaking by giving a voice to people and communities, and involving them closely in research.


Since March 2011, The Wilberforce Society has proudly worked with our partners at YouGov@Cambridge. This partnership provides TWS with periodic access to insightful streams of YouGov data from around the world, something that makes us unique as a student think-tank. YouGov is one of the most respected and accurate polling firms worldwide, with operations in the UK, Europe, the United States and the Middle East.


TWS also looks forward to collaborating with YouGov@Cambridge in building new communities of policy-research between London and Cambridge, forming part of a wider ambition at the university to strengthen the professional links between academics and policy-makers. At the epicentre of these efforts is the plan to launch a new Cambridge Master’s Degree in Public Policy,  whose central aim will be dear to the heart of TWS, namely to encourage greater dialogue between practitioners and students.