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TWS Ideas is a themed, informal discussion event that opens intellectual debate about broad areas of policy and current affairs – building on shared interests and experiences. It translates our opportunities for receiving ideas at Cambridge – whether through academic discussions, talks, debates or the news – into active expression.


It is open to anyone – not just TWS members – and the theme will be advertized in advance, with some relevant readings and information. The evening commences with a short introduction by our TWSi team on the topic, after which the room will be divided into various smaller groups, which will discuss the various aspects to the issue.


As well as being a crucible for intellectual discussion in its own right, the link with TWS also creates the potential to transform ideas into constructive engagement. Discussion at TWS Ideas will be recorded, and may generate policy reports or meetings with high-profile guests.


For more information, contact Chiara Rolfhs at or stay up to date with all upcoming events at our Facebook page.