The Wilberforce Society | ‘Wilberforce Watch’: Alicia Loh, Deputy Director of Policy
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‘Wilberforce Watch’: Alicia Loh, Deputy Director of Policy

‘Wilberforce Watch’: Alicia Loh, Deputy Director of Policy

‘Wilberforce Watch’ is a new series, where we interview the Executive Committee, Editors and authors of The Wilberforce Society to give you a greater insight into the interesting work they do.

This week, we caught up with Alicia Loh, one of TWS’s Deputy Directors of Policy, who first joined the Society as an Editor. Here are some of the questions we put to her and her answers.

Alicia Loh

When did you first become involved with TWS and in what ways have you been involved since?

I joined TWS as an Editor in November 2015, and took on a paper on facilitating innovation in India. I am now Deputy Director of Policy, and am currently taking care of four papers.

What have you enjoyed/beneftted from most through your involvement with TWS?

Being a part of TWS has been an incredible experience, from the work and research itself, to the people that I have gotten to know through the society. I have learned much, not just about the specific topics I have worked on, but also about policy-making. It has made me realise that even as students, we need to be engaged in current issues as we have the power to effect change, and we bring new, innovative ideas to the table.

What words of advice would you give to students who are considering joining TWS in whatever capacity but fear they don’t know enough about it or that they don’t have the relevant skills/expertise?

There are opportunities at every level to participate in TWS activities. You could join as a writer or editor if you are keen in learning more about a particular issue, and the amount of responsibility you take on depends on how much you want to put in. There are also plenty of events you can take part in, including conferences, policy presentations, and socials.

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