The Wilberforce Society | The UK's leading student-run public policy think tank
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The Wilberforce Society, the UK’s leading and largest student think tank

The Wilberforce Society was the first student-run political think tank to have been established in the UK, based at Cambridge University. We facilitate a unique, mutually beneficial dialogue between Cambridge students and national policymakers, across all areas of public policy; from the domestic to the foreign, the social to the economic.Whatever the topic, we work to produce practical yet innovative proposals in every paper, keeping their viability and consequences always at the forefront of our minds.


We operate like any other think tank but have no political affiliation. This non-partisan ideology allows us to fully incorporate the wide range of perspectives that naturally persist at a university as diverse as Cambridge. This means that unlike most student political organisations, we can avoid ideological battle and focus on seeking creative solutions to real world problems.


We are always open to requests for collaboration and commissions for full policy research projects, and our Executive Chair, Nicholas Lui, would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in becoming more involved with our work.


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Please fill in our Google Form and pay via PayPal (unless you have already paid in person) to become a member! Members will be automatically added to the mailing list but may opt out of receiving emails by emailing email Adriana Lee at


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